Friday, September 19, 2008

Muslim In Moderation

One of Charles Johnson's repeated talking points goes something like this:

We keep hearing that not all Muslims are terrorists, that there are many more moderate Muslims than radicals, that we shouldn't judge the moderates on the basis of the radicals. That's fine in theory, but how come we never hear anything from the moderates? Where are the news conferences and opinion polls and press releases from Muslim moderate organizations condemning the acts of the radicals?

I've always thought it was a valid point; I've been on the lookout for such dissension in the Muslim ranks as well. And it looks like we finally got some.

Charles Johnson will probably think this is too little, too late, but there is one aspect of it that greatly reassures me that we have a lot more in common with Arab Muslims than we might think: the one issue that roused them from their slumber and sparked genuine outrage was an authority figure trying to interfere with their ability to watch TV.

Take away rights and freedoms, we won't blink. But fuck with our TV, and we'll take to the streets.

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